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Canadian rock band Max Webster is honoured through new book (City TV "Breakfast Television" - 2023)

Bob Wegner and the Definitive Book on Max Webster (Records & Rockstars podcast - 2023)

How Max Webster nearly became Canada's next big thing (Toronto Star, Press Reader - 2023)

The band Max Webster, almost Canada’s Next Big Thing in the 1970s and ’80s, gets the coffee table book treatment (Toronto Star - 2023)

The story of 1970s band Max Webster told in new book (Sarnia Observer - 2023)

Bob Wegner’s Book on Max Webster is ‘High Class’ (Rick Keene Music Scene - 2023)

Recommended reading: New MASSIVE book on Max Webster (Alan Cross - 2023)

The Return of the Toronto Tontos (Blast Toronto - 2023)

Toronto Music Historian Bob Wegner Chronicles the Untold Story of Max Webster in New Book; Available Now (BraveWords - 2023)

"The making of Battle Scar" mini-documentary (Reno, NV - 2021)

Max Webster radio show on CIUT FM 89.5 (Toronto, ON - 2020)

Interview with Haley Tregurtha, a Florida university student / filmmaker (Toronto, ON - 2020)

An evening of Pink Floyd (Hamilton, ON - 2019)

Mercurial presence, wardrobe functions help Simply Queen pay proper tribute (Orem, UT - 2019)

Podcast of guest DJ spot (ORF, Austria - 2019)

Koolbreeze Experience Show (Toronto, ON - 2017)

CFMU Radio interview (Hamilton, ON - 2017)

Torontonians gather to watch solar eclipse (Toronto, ON - 2017)

Musicians In Bars Getting Beer (Toronto, ON - 2017)

The most unique festival in the galaxy (ORF, Austria - 2016)

View Magazine (Hamilton, ON - 2015)

CFMU Radio interview (Hamilton, ON - 2015)

Starmus: a festival of the stars (Tenerife - 2014)

We Will Rock You review (Dallas, TX - 2014)