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Instead of pretending like I have a posse of highly paid people behind this website, I'm just going to be straight up and deliver the goods in first person.

I began a lifetime of creating music at age 5 on the piano, leading me to compete in several Kiwanis competitions with minimal success. I picked up the guitar at age 12, and there began my quest to become a professional musician. I officially retired at age 19 and picked up my first guitar teaching job.

After several years of teaching at music studios and playing guitar in various theatre productions, I landed the role as one of the two guitarists in the We Will Rock You musical in Toronto after auditioning for Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor. The show entertained nearly a million people over its 2-year run, and it was the winner of the Dora award for best Toronto musical of 2007.

"I'm hugely humbled and grateful for all the wonderful work you put into our show. Thanks and continued thanks, Bob, for giving it your excellence." -- Dr. Brian May

Around this time, the We Will Rock You band and I performed with Brian May and Roger Taylor on an episode of Canadian Idol, and we played on a version of Auld Lang Syne used for the 2008 New Year's celebration at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, both of which were broadcast on TV to a national audience.

In June 2009, I proudly dressed up as the North By Northeast (NXNE) mascot 'Sketchy' to officially launch the festivities, playing a government-certified guitar like no other bunny can.

Classic Albums Live welcomed me into the company in 2011, a diverse pool of musicians dedicated to faithfully recreating some of the best music ever written, note for note, in theatres all around North America. My first show was Led Zeppelin IV, which required me to learn to play the mandolin. I've done a few tours with them, with the most recent one being for Rush's 2112 album.

I donned the We Will Rock You flag once again in 2013-14 with a touring version of the show that stretched all across the US, making stops in Canada and Mexico as well. Nearly 300 shows were performed in 29 cities over 11 months. Duties included doing TV and radio promo spots in select cities. For the first time in my life, good hair days had to become the norm.

I also perform as a solo artist on acoustic guitar, playing anything from Indian classical music to flamenco to Bach to complete classic rock albums. My one man show is a fun evening of great music and (often silly and embarrassing) storytelling, and a multimedia experience often with cameo appearances from fellow artists past and present. And now that I have an album out, there is plenty of original material in my show.

For half of 2015 I worked on a cruise ship, where I performed solo shows nearly every day. I honed my craft (including public speaking skills, something which more people are apparently afraid of than death). I usually only worked evenings, so most of my days were spent frolicking around European port cities.

When I'm not on the road (actually, sometimes even when I am) I often play the role of engineer at recording sessions with Pro Tools, but other times I'll happily offer my services on guitar. I've recorded with artists like Michael Kulas (formerly of the platinum-selling UK band "James") and Fabletongue, whose tracks are currently in the capable hands of Grammy-winning producer David Bottrill (King Crimson, Tool, Dream Theater, Muse, Silverchair). My guitaring has also been heard on ad jingles, and in films such as In Saturn's Rings and the award-winning Touch.

As a part of a trio called Euphonic, along with cellist Geoff Ball and percussionist Vince Waters, I create music with these fine gentlemen that almost defies categorization - a hybrid of various styles including latino, folk, ragtime, classical and jazz. Our debut album is due in early 2018.

I'm a member of a Genesis tribute called Genesis To Revelation, and a Paul McCartney tribute called Silly Love Songs.

I've also recently become involved with Max Webster in various capacities. I designed a website about the legendary Canadian band which led to being credited as "photo archivist" on their 2017 box set called The Party. Some would now classify me as a "music historian," a label that I happily embrace. I also performed Max Webster's classic song Let Go The Line at a gig in 2015 with their keyboardist Terry Watkinson. Their songs sometimes feature in my solo shows, leading to some pretty high praise:

"I saw a video of you playing Lily, and I loved it." -- Paul Kersey (drummer, Max Webster)

My debut solo album, called Changing Of The Guard, was released on December 3, 2017. It comprises of 12 tracks (both instrumental and vocal), with influences spanning from baroque to 1960s British folk. It is available on iTunes / Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, and Pandora. You can also purchase a CD directly from me. It will be available on vinyl by spring 2018 as well.

I also play keyboard, ukulele, charango, and bouzouki. I teach a few students how to play such instruments, often over Skype.