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My beloved trio Euphonic released our debut album on July 6 ! I am excited, proud, and relieved !! It is available on iTunes / Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and Pandora.

My debut solo album, called Changing Of The Guard, is now available. It comprises of 12 tracks (both instrumental and vocal), with influences spanning from baroque to 1960s British folk. It is available on iTunes / Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and Pandora. You can also purchase a CD or LP directly from me. I only pressed 100 LPs, so grab one while you still can !

See the press release here.

And here is my first review!

I am a professional musician with over a decade of experience as a performer, composer, and recording engineer.

My career highlights thus far include playing with Classic Albums Live, performing on Canadian Idol, and being personally selected by Dr. Brian May of Queen to play guitar in the We Will Rock You musical - twice. It still surprises some people when I tell them that playing a show a thousand times does not wear thin when you love what you do. Having my own solo show nearly every day for six months on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean is probably worth mentioning as well. Playing for an audience for three hours on your own and being able to hear a pin drop during the last song is a truly magical feeling.

I am a member of the Toronto Musicians' Association (Local 149 of the American Federations of Musicians). I'm primarily interested in forging new creative relationships with artists, publishers, and basically anyone who enjoys sharing the joy of making music.

Creatively, my goal is to further the evolution of music in some tangible way, particularly to share the joy of (the almost forgotten virtues of) instrumental music. Western music gives us only twelve notes, but they can be bound in an infinite number of configurations. This never-ending pursuit of new sounds finds me on the frontiers of both my imagination and my self-confidence. I persevere.


A busy year with Simply Queen is pending, with about 40 dates all over Canada and the US. And I will be subbing into a few dates with Floyd Factor. See you all out there !
My trio called Euphonic will be releasing our eponymous debut album on July 6, and the album release show will be at the Pearl Company in Hamilton, Ontario that evening. Show time is 7pm.
My album "Changing Of The Guard" is now available on LP. Only 100 copies were pressed, so get yours while you can!
My debut album "Changing Of The Guard" is now available on CD, iTunes / Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and Pandora. See the press release here
Album launch show set for December 3 @ C'est What, 7pm start
String of Classic Albums Live shows (Rush's 2112) begins tonight!
Solo show date in Toronto - C'est What on Sunday July 9 @ 7pm
Track listing of "Changing Of The Guard" now available
It has been a very productive last couple months of writing. Expect my album, entitled "Changing Of The Guard," to be released in 2017. Check back here for updates!
Home at last! Thank you to the thousands of people who came out to see me perform my solo shows on the Anthem Of The Seas - it was wonderful meeting so many of you. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to get on my mailing list to hear about album updates and upcoming show dates.
Leaving this week for a 2 month contract on Royal Caribbean's "Anthem Of The Seas"
Stream tonight's one man showHERE! (also available for later viewing)
At long last, I am in pre-production for an album of original material. Aiming for a 2017 release. Stay tuned!
'One Man Show' @ Pearl Company in Hamilton on Saturday, August 13 announced! Be there or be parallelogram. Tickets available here.
Leaving for a 6 month contract on Royal Caribbean's "Anthem Of The Seas"
We Will Rock You North American tour announced
Classic Albums Live Quebec tour begins tomorrow!
New songs added to jukebox
Website launched!